About Us


We will create physical and mental health and loose social connections through sports such as golf and fitness, focusing on baseball, and achieve WELL-BEING.

Besides Sports was founded from truly passion for baseball of our president, back then in Japan when he was a youth baseball player. With his determination, dedication and hardworking he then, received golden medal as the winner from one major baseball league in his hometown. However his  father at that time, was a professional kendo athlete preferred his son to follow his footsteps, he then, decided to quite baseball and started practicing kendo instead, however he is a kind of person who always put a 100% effort on everything he does, he once again, received golden medal from kendo city league competition that made his family proud and made him believe in human effort and hard training.

When our President move from Japan to Thailand, he see children playing around the the sport filed and make him realize when he was young that he was playing Baseball. With his desire to share his love to Baseball which is popular in Japan and many countries around the world to children also with his son finding an activities that make him know Bangkok Thunder’s coach. Bangkok Thunder is a team which keen is Sport Industry more than 20 years and make him be a part of team and develop the Baseball industry in Thailand for kids to join the Baseball match internationally. With his intentions to have Thai’s well known Baseball athlete, BS-Baseball Academy is opened to be a centre to educate and train to the making a athletes for future

Besides Sports aims to be both a premium sports club services provider and a Baseball Academy with full facilities plus equipped with Golf Simulators, Batting Cage, VR simulator and Innings club services in the Japanese culture theme spirit. Finding new you in a newfound joy! Soon… For more information, please feel free to visit us at SoiSrinakarin15, Tel:085-254-3555 or Add  Line : @besidessports