Montri Ouamsa-ard (coach Em)

Montri Ouamsa-ard (coach Em)

Fitness Trainer


Training Specialty

  • Weight Training Programs, Full body Workout Routine.
  • Body Building Programs, getting in shape programs, conditioning.
  • Fat-loss Programs, Eating plan.
  • Boxing cadio program
  • Athlete Performance enhancing programs( strength development, agility, stretching ).


  • “FBT Fitness Center” Instructor & personal Trainer .
  • “Fitbox Fitness Thailand” Instructor & personal Trainer.
  • “Jett Fitness Thailand” Instructor & personal Trainer.
  • “WE Fitness Society Thailand” Instructor & personal Trainer.
  • “Amaranta Hotel” Instructor & personal Trainer.
  • “International Thai Christian School” Thai boxing instructor & personal Trainer.


  • Body pump Training Program By “Less Mill”.
  • Faculty of Sport Sciences, Institute of Physical Education Trang campus Thailand.