BS Baseball academy

Let`s play baseball in Thailand!!
We launched the first indoor baseball academy in Thailand. Imagine the appearance of your child playing with a new mate, brushing a strong mind and body through baseball. Classes are divided into basic and advanced classes according to age and proficiency, so you can enjoy baseball with or without experience. The ex-Thai players, players with extensive baseball experience, and coaches with an educator’s background will teach carefully.

Theme of each class

  • Basic class
    5-6 years old “play & enjoy”
    7-9 years old “learn & interesting”
    10-12 years old “repeat & base”
    13-15 years old “tough & speed”
  • Advance class
    11-15 years old “Think & skill up”


In baseball events, players from overseas and Thai national team players are invited to open a baseball class and play simplified baseball games (baseball 5 etc.). You can meet great players and experience the fun of baseball. Invite your friends and family and enjoy playing baseball with a lot of people!

Batting cage

Japanese-made TOPGUN (http://www.pmx-topgun.co.jp/) was introduced for the first time overseas to the 2F batting cage.This pitching machine, which is also used by professional baseball teams in Japan, can change the ball speed and ball type for each ball,You can experience actual batting with virtual images.In addition to machine batting, it is possible to use the inside of the cage as another practice space.You can enjoy playing with familly or baseball friends by catchball, knock, or teebatting.

Simulation golf “FULL SWING”

Unleash your potential with the world’s most accurate “Trackman”

We have successfully launched the first golf simulation lessons in Southeast Asia utilizing Trackman, which is being introduced one after another in the professional sports world. (Https://trackmangolf.com/)
By comparing the feeling of swing and the measured value, we measure the precise data, also called swing DNA analysis. All coaches are specialists certified by the Truckman University. You can monitor the flow of the swing and receive appropriate guidance based on accurate data.You are ready to improve dramatically.
The lessons have individual and group lessons, and also include putting instruction. Please visit the experience once and analyze your swing. Photo Video link


To you of the ideal workout and the excitement of VR

The cardio training machine INTENZA, which has been introduced from Germany, realizes the ideal workout with various functions. As well as watching Facebook and YOUTUBE, it is also possible to mirror the smartphone screen and run together with runners from all over the world on screen. All other machines are also introduced from Europe. It may be perfect for your secret training location.

Personal training

We are not just training assistants. It is a supporter for realizing your purpose. Get the most out of your training with an effective, safe program that meets your goals.


You can fly and go on a journey in the virtual world.

When you wear the VR headset, you are a resident of the virtual space. Experience this immersive feeling and a new form of fitness.Workouts of ICAROS train different muscle groups, focusing on core and upper body muscles. The exercises simultaneously improve reflexes, balance and coordination abilities.The ICAROS plank has proven to burn 30 % more calories and to double the muscle activity compared to stable kneeling planks. Similarly, HOLODIA has also been shown by research to increase activity time and improve training effectiveness.

As such, VR fitness training is ideal for the ongoing efforts of the trunk and cardio exercise.

※ VR has age restrictions.


Colorize fitness with the studio program.

Experience the fun of exercising with someone in a studio program. Join a program that suits your purpose, such as yoga or aerobics, and move around while having fun.

Baseball shop & Juice bar “INNINGS CLUB”

In SHOP, it sells baseball equipment, training supplies, nutritional supplements, such as protein. New equipments not only improve your performance but also improve your motivation. Do you have enough you of nutrition in the daily diet. We have supplements to maximize your exercise effectiveness.

About used baseball products

We are interested in gloves and bats that you no longer need. I want children who don’t have the tools or have not played baseball a lot, to use second-hand tools and have them experience baseball. Therefore, if you have a gift for such children, please tell to us.


Fresh and delicious seasoning for your health.

We have prepared fresh vegetables and fruit juices, and proteins from Japan that are particular about taste and quality. Enjoy a mix of vegetables and fruits, rich in nutrients and grown under the sunny sun of Thailand. Protein prepares beLEGEND from Japan. A number of unique tastes that do not exist elsewhere, In addition to we guarantee the quality that has been approved by the anti doping mechanism. The juice bar where you can enjoy a variety of taste combinations.